Highly efficient Energy Harvesting technology for IoT

Battery-less IoT

Reliable Energy for more than 50 Billion connected products

Energy Harvesting is the art of recovering part of the energy present in the environment, transforming it and managing it. It is a response to the global challenges of energy production and consumption of more than 50 billion connected objects in the world in 2020.

Wireless, battery-less the autonomous IoT produces sustainable energy. It is a way to avoid changing 50 Billion batteries a year.

Enerbee’s Energy Harvesting Technology is unique and has high ability to generate energy from low speed, low torque motion where no other technology works.

Energy in the order of 1mW to 10mW is used to power sensors, actuators and to ensure wireless communication with objects.


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Innovation in Energy Harvesting for IOT

Enerbee’s Technology is the most efficient technology at generating energy from low speed or low force movements, where no other technology works.

Energy can be directly used to power a vibration sensor and short-range radio, like required in condition monitoring applications. Some applications require larger amount of energy, like CO2 measurement for HVAC applications or long-range communication in transport. In this case, energy can be stored in a supercapacitor and managed using Enerbee’s ultra-low power management know-how.


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Enerbee's technology serving various markets


An innovative and green start-up

Based in the Grenoble technology center, Enerbee Technology is a key player in the world of autonomous energy systems thanks to its unique technology (1 to 10mW generated).In close collaboration with its ecosystem, Enerbee Technology develops electronic energy autonomous systems. The company is then present in key sectors such as indoor air quality, industry 4.0, smart cities and transport.


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