Battery-less IoTIndustry 4.0

Internet of things, supply chain and smart industries

Industry 4.0 refers to the Industry of Things. This is a new industrial revolution by making production and assembly lines intelligent.

These new connected factories  are able to monitor a process, diagnose themselves automatically and take decentralized decisions to optimize production and logistics.


Enerbee Technology at the service of Industry 4.0

Industrial IoT requires plants and their equipment to be paired with a multitude of sensors. In this case, installing cables to power these sensors is a real obstacle and the use of batteries leads to excessive maintenance costs.

Enerbee’s generator can be integrated into the moving parts of this existing equipment, supplying power to the sensors (vibration, position, speed, temperature, etc.) and sending data wirelessly to allow real time optimization.

FAQ Industry 4.0

- Why equipping your factories and operate with intelligent assembly lines?

Equipping its industrial tool with IoT sensors helps to prevent and anticipate the maintenance of its equipment and to set up a true predictive maintenance strategy. A shutdown for the replacement of a mechanical part can be long and costly.

Optimizing machine downtime thanks to autonomous wireless sensors will help to make the most of your equipment.