Enerbee Technology Innovative start-upCreator of battery-less solutions for IoT

Resulting from high-level research in energy generation, Enerbee Technology provides solutions for the recovery, generation and intelligent management of autonomous energy.

We accompany our customers to the heart of the Internet of Things (IoT) thanks to our unique battery-less technology, which enables them to offer to the market wireless autonomous connected objects.

Our technology delivers from 1 to 10 milliwatts, which, when made available to billions of connected objects, represent inexhaustible sources of energy savings.


Be a reference in Smart building and Industry 4.0 regarding autonomous battery-less solutions.

The emerging global market for connected objects (IoT) involves the power supply of tens of billions of items of equipment. In addition to the technical challenge, the additional energy consumption to be generated requires  to find out new energy autonomous solutions.

In this context, Enerbee technology wishes to position itself as the reference in the market for autonomous and communicating sensors.

The impact of our solutions

Indoor air quality: equipping buildings with the idea of smart building by adopting new ways to control and maintain HVAC systems, in the service of health and quality of life.

Companies Digital transformation: putting industry 4.0 at the service of production lines and finding sources of energy and logistics optimization.

New digital services: smart city, intelligent transport, CO2 measurement and for the energy transition, Enerbee’s Technology opens the way to many new applications requiring wireless connected sensors and actuators.


Micro-electronics, High tech & Innovation

Enerbee Technology relies on a team of 15 multidisciplinary skills people with a long experience in innovation management, introducing products with a high technological content in the electronic, semiconductor and connected object fields.



The management team


An innovative start-up with world-class technology

Spin-off of French research public institutes in the field of power generation and autonomous electricity, Enerbee Technology was founded in 2014 and became Enerbee Technology (F2A group) in 2022.

Based in Grenoble (France), we have developed a unique Energy Harvesting technology capable of delivering energy from a wide range of movements.

Enerbee’s multi-patented technology is the result of 5 years of R&D collaboration involving Grenoble’s world-class scientific institutions.

Enerbee’s Technology capability for innovation has been rewarded many times, receiving several national and international awards.



Enerbee Technology  relies on a solid ecosystem of partners who are experts in their field, in terms of financial, technical and industrial aspects.