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Battery-free and wireless, Enerbee’s technology is extremely efficient at generating electricity from low-speed, low-torque motion where no other technology works.

The Enerbee’s micro-generator is a unique combination of magnetic and piezoelectric materials. The piezoelectric material allows the device to generate energy regardless the speed of motion. The magnetic material, on the other hand, allows the generator to be driven by very low torque movements.

Enerbee’s multi-patented piezomagnetic technology generates a peak of energy every 90° of rotation of the microgenerator. The energy peaks are converted into usable energy via an innovative electronic stage, delivering high efficiency autonomous energy in the range of 1mW to 10mW equivalent to 1.5 to 6 AA batteries per year.

The electricity generated can be directly used to power sensors and make wireless data offload, as often used in monitoring applications.

Some applications require a larger amount of power:

CO2 measurements

HVAC applications

– Long-range communications of intelligent readings.

In this case, energy can be stored in super capacity and redistributed using Enerbee’s optimized power management electronics design.

From energy sources to data transmission

Enerbee’s piezomagnetic technology is used to power sensors ans actuators that can operate in a wide range of equipment

Power management
& storage

International patents

The EPCM (Energy Power and Communication Management module) is the heart of Enerbee offering enabling the development of customized solutions.

Enerbee’s know-how protection is based on 12 international patents protecting then:

– the micro-generator technology

electronics to be used to maximise its energy efficiency.

– the integration of the EPCM within an application field.


Energy harvester

An energy harvester includes a circuit for collecting an excess of electrical charges on a first connection terminal, wherein the circuit is equipped with a first controllable mechanical

Magnetostrictive & piezo-electric generator

A layer of anisotropic magnetostrictive material with at least one preferential axis of deformation in the defined plane […].

Generator with translational movement

A generator for transforming a translational movement of a body into an accumulation of electric charges comprising: a converter […], a magnetic field source […] and a pusher element […] movable in a translational direction perpendicular to the reference plane […].

Autonomous device for measuring an HVAC fluid

Autonomous device for measuring at least one characteristic of a fluid flowing in a conduit in one flow direction, the autonomous device comprising: a rotor […], fixing means […], a permanent source of magnetic field […], a magneto-electrical converter […] and a processing circuit […].

Silent energy harvesting system

A harvesting system  comprising: a converter […], a collection circuit […] and including a switch and configured to recover loads when the switch (31) is in a closed state […].

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