Monitoring air quality is good, acting on it is better !

Today it is possible to monitor the air quality of a building remotely thanks to different offers of online dashboards or LoRa CO2 sensors. However, these offers are essential to improve the air quality in your buildings and do not enable to act directly on the ventilation equipment.

With the eVAV, our new LoRa communicating variable airflow damper, you can interface your LoRa measurement equipment (CO2 sensors, people presence, etc.) and act in real time on the ventilation of your building.

Thanks to the LoRa communication protocol, act remotely on the regulation devices to control efficiently your indoor air quality !

Benefits of controlling airflows with LoRa-based eVAV dampers:

  • Control indoor air quality during all the building’s life cycle.
  • Remotely operate and control variable air volume dampers.
  • Detect and solve problems remotely !

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