The eVAV “master-slave” function

Do you know the “master-slave” function of our eVAV range ?
With the e-VAV’s master-slave function, control the supply and exhaust airflows of the same room easily and without power connection !

  1. The e-VAV QAI damper located at the exhaust side measures the CO2 level in real time thanks to its integrated sensor.
  2. It gives the information via the master-slave cable to the slave e-VAV located at the supply side, which then regulates on the same flow rate to ensure system air management.
  3. The eVAV is ready to use, all parameters are SET in factory.

This is a unique solution that allows the air quality of a classroom, office or meeting room to be controlled according to the CO2 level
No power connection is required, it is all self-sufficient and plug & play !